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About 3D Holographic Fan In Ahmedabad

3D Hologram Eye Catching Advertising Fan Display…


Recent development in China and rapidly development to over 20 countries, such as Dubai, United States, India, Italy, Mexico, Israel and Turkey, etc. causing a 3D cyclone globally.

Holographic Advertising Device with 3D visual effect with 3D content can attract many people towards it. They can use this device for displaying individual objects, industries like Automobiles, Jewelers, Fashion, Industrial, Consumer, pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages,  Branding Products, Cartoon, etc., you name… in the air.


This is nothing but revolution in indoor advertising market with the range of 3D Hologram Advertising Fans. They can set the size of the specific object to be displayed with ease. 

Main application areas: 
These advertising fans can be used for advertising in areas for promotion, like:

·         Malls

·         Show Rooms

·         Bus Terminals

·         Airports

·         Exhibition Centers

·         Shopping Centers

·         Railway Stations

·         Social & Business Events


Based on the visual temporary stay principle of the human eye, the LED lamps rotate creating an image with any border.

Easy to Carry:

The size of packing and the weight makes it easier to carry from one place to another.

Easy to Install: 

One can detach the bottom bracket of the product, and fix the product onto the wall or carrier like tripod


This hologram display fans can be used in anywhere for advertisement, given to its unique non - border design and the effect of non - screen display for publicity.


The idea behind using this advertising technique over others is to create a lasting visual impression on prospective customers' mind.

Not only is this Holographic LED Fan Advertising technique effective, but also economical as compared to other techniques.

At this price point, only Holographic LED Fan Advertising Display can grab the attention of customers towards the displayed product or service by creating a 3D product or service display in the air in less than 10 seconds.

Most important, the 3D dynamic display can be visible from multiple angles. 

 This kind of advertisement earns enough eyeballs.

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